Conversations 2016 Table Hosts
Andrew Bacevich - Dan Barry - Paul Baumann - Matthew Boudway - Anthony Domestico - Paul Elie - Massimo Faggioli - Rita Ferrone - David Gibson - Rosanne Haggerty - Patrick Jordan - Cathleen Kaveny - James Martin, SJ - James P. McCartin - Alice McDermott - Charles R. Morris - Paul Moses - Mollie Wilson O'Reilly - Michael Peppard - Dominic Preziosi - Peter Quinn - Tim Shriver - Matthew Sitman - Margaret O'Brien Steinfels - Peter Steinfels

2016 Event Committee
Martin Lipton (co-chair) - Anthony Welters (co-chair) - Robert L. Berner, Jr. - John Borst - John T. McGreevy - James T. Morley, Jr. - Brien O'Brien - Dennis O'Brien - Jane B. O'Connell - Leo J. O'Donovan, SJ - Barbara Mullin Rosiello - Paul C. Saunders - Tim Shriver - Marc vanderHeyden

THANK YOU to the hundreds of Commonweal writers, contributors, supporters, board members, readers, and fans who helped us celebrate our 92nd Anniversary at Commonweal Conversations 2016 on October 24. It was a record turnout, and a record-setting event in support of Commonweal.

Our special thanks go to John Sexton, president emeritus of New York University, recipient of our fifth Catholic in the Public Square award; to Joseph McShane, SJ, president of Fordham University, for his stirring introduction; to Anthony Welters, event co-chair, for his presence, generosity, and hard work; and to Commonweal's board chair Paul Saunders, John Sexton's friend from the Fordham class of 1963, whose tireless commitment made the evening such a success.

Catalyst Trust
The Mary Christie Foundation
Beatrice & Tony Welters

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Barbara Mullin Rosiello & Robert Rosiello

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Left to Right: Commonweal Foundation Board Chair Paul Saunders; John Sexton, recipient of Commonweal’s fifth Catholic in the Public Square Award; and Commonweal editor Paul Baumann.

Fordham University President Joseph McShane, SJ, introduces John Sexton.

A look at Commonweal's mission and plans for the future.

John Sexton's address at Commonweal Conversations 2016.